Best TRX Suspension Trainer Alternatives

The TRX suspension trainer carries an expensive price tag, and it can be a very troublesome challenge to find a cheaper TRX alternative that is just as strong, durable and effective. We have done the dirty work of identifying the top rated alternative suspension trainers that you can use instead of the TRX & never feel the difference.

The BEST TRX Alternatives – Cheaper & Affordable

USANOSSK HOME Suspension Bodyweight Fitness Trainer
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USANOSSK TWIN PRO Bodyweight Fitness Strap Trainer
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UKKEAFOLS Fitness Training Pro Suspension Training Kit
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Is TRX – the Original Worth it?

YES! The original TRX is worth going for in our opinion if you want the following benefits:

– The quality and feel of the product
– The 35 page Workout guide, with DVD & App
– The padded door anchor
– Registration to the official TRX site with access to videos and other training material

BUT, some of us (or many of us) don’t care about these add-ons. We may have our own routines or trainers to work with. We just need a suspension trainer to get the benefits out of suspension training. TRX may just be too expensive for our budget.

Even if TRX was affordable enough, a wise person would save on the cost and use the remaining budget to buy more equipment such as a kettlebell, a pull up bar, hanging ab straps, portable dip station etc…

Conclusion: You just got a home gym set up with powerful equipment all within the price of a TRX.

Justified below in detail are the top rated alternative TRX trainers available at – my preferred shopping site. They are almost a quarter to 1/3rd of the price, and they still get the job done.

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NOSSK TWIN PRO Bodyweight Fitness Strap Trainer

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  • Attaches to chin bar – 2 anchor points for better feel & functionality
  • Made with 1st Grade US Military Webbing and other US made components
  • Comes Standard with extra strong and comfortable Silicone Rubber Sleeve Grips with integrated foot loops
  • Using US and foreign components
  • The soft loops on the webbing of the Trainer will not rub when used on bar, for example.


– Awesome product. Bought a work out system from NOSS’s previous models, they were just as good. I have bought these for all my famiky memebers for xmas and birthdays. Excellent quality and made in the USA! In my opinion, far better sysrem than the more expensive, counterparts. Thanks NOSS! – A Verified Customer Review at

– Great product! Great workout! – A Verified Customer Review at

– I am happy with the Nossk suspension trainer/fitness strap. I have not had this for very long, but the webbing seems to be good quality and will last a long time. Attaching and removing from a door or bar is very easy. Attached is a picture of it attached to my pull up bar. Adjusting the length of the strap is very easy also. If your in the market for a suspension trainer, this one is a good bet. Especially since it is less than half the price of the other guys. – A Verified Customer Review at


KEAFOLS Fitness Training Pro Suspension Training Kit

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  • Super Strong and Sturdy Suspension Straps Trainer
  • Easily Adjustable Strap Lengths & Fairly Effective
  • High quality thicken straps for durability, non-slip EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam grip
  • Re-Inforced Universal Door Anchor
  • Door Anchor: Slip over any standard home or office door.


– Overall not a bad product, does what i want it to but could be improved with clear mounting instructions. – A Verified Customer Review at

– Good quality kit .. as good as those in my gym (nationwide ‘company’). In the publicity pics the ropes are shown as being good for use outdoors .. which is my intent. – A Verified Customer Review at

– My personal trainer uses a trx in her gym and said i should get one to work out at home. She recommended this one as is cheaper and yet great quality. Was easy to adjust and set up. – A Verified Customer Review at