Can’t Do a Single Pull Up?

If you are one of those who can’t even do a single pull up, you need to find out the root cause without trying to break your back forcing that pull up!

Here’s a video I recommend watching, that will help you identify the real reason why are unable to do a pull up.

Now that you’ve watched the video, I’m sure you got your explanation and the solution to fix your inability to perform pull ups.

Let’s go over some additional exercises you can do to improve your forearm strength other than reverse curls and other exercises recommended in the video.

  • Hanging – It’s that easy. Grab a pull up bar or suspension strap and hang on to it until you can’t! You need to hang in there until you reach a point where it’s just your fingers touching the bar and then you slip off because of that unbearable burn in your forearms. That’s lactic acid and that’s what we need. It gives a good upper body stretch and blasting growth to your grip strength at the same time.
  • Thick Bar ExercisesGripping around a larger diameter is a not-so-secret “secret” that strength competitors often use to develop grip strength. Gripping around a thicker bar puts a very different stress on the grip and forearms, resulting in fast improvements in those areas.You can use bars that are built thick for this (you may have seen “Fat Bars”), or you can use other things to make your own thick bars. Tape is often used to accomplish this (wrapping tape around a bar or dumbbell handle repeatedly until it’s thicker in size).

    A technique I like to use is to get some foam pipe insulation from the hardware store, cut off a couple of 5 inch sections then set THOSE on the bar. Grip on those when you’re doing you’re training and you’ll notice a big different in forearm activation (it’s dirt-cheap and TEMPORARY, which is nice if you train in a commercial gym which would frown on you wrapping duct tape around their bars).

    If you don’t have access to fat bars, you can also use an excellent piece of equipment called Fat Gripz that snap onto normal bars to increase grip circumference.

  • Barbell Static Holds – Set up a barbell in a power rack with the rails set just above your knee level. Load up a bar (use moderate weight to start with). Now stand BESIDE the bar, reach down and grip it in the center with ONE hand. Stand up with the bar and just hold it for as long as you can until your grip gives out.Not only are you fighting directly against gravity, you’re also fighting to balance the bar in one hand. This is very effective for the forearms and the grip.
  • Squeezing a Tennis Ball – If you can’t afford a fancy gripper, just get an old tennis ball and squeeze it repeatedly while you’re watching TV.

These tips were brought to you from a more in-depth article, you can read here.

You still can’t do a pull up? Try the above mentioned tips (atleast some of them) for a month, and watch how easy it gets to do pull ups!

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