Best Free Standing Pull Up Bar & Dip Station – Top 3 Recommendations

With so many free standing pull up bar dip stations claiming to be the best, it can overwhelming and stressful to identify the true winner. We have done the dirty work of going through feedback, reviews and complaints to identify the top 3 finalists.


The Best 3 Free Standing Pull Up Bar Dip Stations

The real benefits of a free standing pull up bar dip station

  • Can be moved around
  • Heavy and stable gravity
  • No damages to any part of the house
  • No complicated installation work
  • The dip bar – the best exercise from triceps and pecs
  • Padded dip bar also allows comfort for performing ab exercises
  • High enough to not bend your knees – greater range of movement
  • Can be used to hang suspension straps, punching bag, ab straps etc…

The drawbacks of a free standing chin up bar dip station

  • More expensive
  • Not portable to carry around
  • Consumes space
  • Should be placed on rubber, carpet or non slip surface to avoid rocking or wobbles

#1 Free Standing Pull Up Bar Dip Station

Stamina PT1690 Power Tower

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Main features
  • Comfortable foam padded grips on Push-up Station, Pull-up and Chin-up Station, Tricep Dips Station & Sit-up Station
  • Non-slip End Caps – protects the floor
  • Padded grips on all handles
  • Steel Frame Construction
  • Holds upto 250lbs
  • 81 inches height allows for bigger range of motion
  • Comes with pull up bar, dip station, pushup station, and leg holding bar for ab exercises3
  • Pull up bar is on the opposite side of the dips bar, this allows for better pull up variations without legs getting knocked everywhere.


  • Lacks the neutral grip bar for performing dips, neutral chin ups etc…

Customer Opinions

Stamina 1690 free standing pull up bar ratingThe bar DOES have swing to it, more than what would occur with a door-based pull up bar. Yes, it should not swing if you use good form. However, pushing yourself to get the last rep often results in that tug, and that tug has never resulted in feeling as though the tower would fall over. – Verified Customer Review at

This is pretty lightweight for what it does. Although the box and instructions advised it to be carried and assembled by two people I did both by myself. It took me about 104 minutes to assemble. Mine rests on carpet fine although instructions recommend a mat. Its very sturdy. I’m about 170 lbs. I’ve done weighted dips and plyometric pull ups and this thing stayed put – Verified Customer Review at

Easy to assemble, and rock solid. I’m a ~200 lb male and I’ve been using this daily for the past 2-3 months since I bought this thing – Verified Customer Review at

I like this exercise tower but it may be too short for taller individuals. I primarily purchased this item for the pull-up bar but the tower is almost too short for pull-ups. I am 5’7″ so a taller individual may feel uncomfortable when they do pull-ups – Verified Customer Review at

#2 Free Standing Pull Up Bar Dip Station

Body Champ VKR1010 Fitness Multi function Power Tower/Multi station

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Main features

  • Built by BodyChamp – Established leader in the industry since 1993
  • Handles have grips for a better workout
  • Padded feet for protecting floor damages
  • Heavy duty steel frame with durable D-frame base
  • Holds upto 300lbs
  • Built in push up bar
  • Padded back rest to also perform ab exercises such as leg & knee raises
  • Pull up bar is on the opposite end making it easier to perform more chin up and pull up variations without feet getting stuck between the dip bars
  • Can be moved around
  • 83 inches height from floor


  • Lacks the neutral grip bar for performing dips, neutral chin ups etc…
  • Height may be a disadvantage for low ceilings

Customer Opinions

Assembled myself in about 90 minutes using 2 vise grips and a screwdriver. A ratchet driver would save 20 minutes. It holds my 250 pound 6’3” body easily with very little give. Feels safe and stable on every exercise. My fingertips are about a foot above the chin up bar flat footed. Bending knees slightly makes a full pull up possible for me. My 5’6” wife can just reach the bar on tip toes. Width is fine for both of us. .Verified Customer Review at

Solid enough once put together; a sensational piece of equipment for the price. – Verified Customer Review at

The best solution for me would be to have a very sturdy dip machine and a separate pull up bar – to give you a point of ref for this review… It it pretty stable, not super great, but should do. The pull up bar is higher than some of the other two in ones but if youre 6ft+, you can make it work with some creative leg positions. – Verified Customer Review at

I assembled this equipment by myself taking my time. One hand grip was missing from the pull up bar. I contacted the manufacturer and had the hand grip in 3 or 4 days–no problem. I use my power tower for push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, dips and leg raises from the captain’s chair (that might not be the correct term). – Verified Customer Review at

#3 Free Standing Pull Up Bar Dip Station – BEST VALUE – EXPENSIVE

Harison 408 Multifunction Power Tower Dip Station with Bench Adjustable

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Main features

  • Full adjustable tower
  • Removable bench with angle adjustment options
  • Pull up bar height can be adjusted from 70 to 88 inches
  • Padded grips for non slip benefit
  • Cushioned back rest for performing ab exercises such as knee raises
  • Dip station on the opposite end of the pull up bar to allow more freedom in pulls and chin motions
  • Built it pushup station for deeper muscle contractions
  • Built in resistance bands with ground hooks to hold the bands in place – great for muscle building without weights
  • Pull up bar holds upto 220lbs


  • Lacks the neutral grip bar for performing dips, neutral chin ups etc…

Customer Opinions

Most of the pieces are “heavy” — but this is an indication of the quality materials used. Once put together the tower is extremely “solid” — there is very little “wobble” — and there are built in floor levelers to manage this. And it has a very compact “footprint” — it takes up only a few square feet in my garage. I use the Tower every day for pull-ups, dips, and abdominals/situps. It replaced several individual pieces of equipment I had for these exercises. It was a great purchase. Verified Customer Review at

Let’s start with the package, it was delivered in perfect condition. Parts were easy to assembly thanks to the clear instructions. The machine is very strong and despite what I was thinking at the beginning it is way better – Verified Customer Review at

Easy to put together, is kind of wobbly but I am 6’5 235 and the max weight is 220. So considering that it holds up pretty darn good! All in all a great piece of exercise equipment to keep at home and help get rid of the dad bod – Verified Customer Review at

It is very sturdy. Works exactly how it should. I don’t have a very big apartment but it fits very well. – Verified Customer Review at

Safety always comes first. It’s no point investing on a cheap or expensive equipment if you are unable to use it due to a tragic or stupid injury.

Were you able to finally decide on a free standing chin up bar dip station to fit your criteria? With all the time you spend on deciding on the best one, you could already be on week 2 of your workout routine with the new pull up and dip bar – so act fast!