Best Hanging Ab Exercises [2019] – 5 Sources of Information

What better way to work your abs than with a series of hanging ab exercises? Summer is around the corner. If you have already prepared your body for the beach, it’s time to get those abs to pop out.

There are many variations of the hanging ab exercises such as 

  • Hanging Knee Raises
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Hanging Pelvic Tilt
  • Hanging Knee Circles
  • Hanging Scissors
  • Hanging Pike
  • and the list is limitless.

With the countless variations out there, it can be overwhelming to focus on a structured ab workout.

We have listed 5 interesting posts from fellow bloggers who have provided creative variations of hanging ab exercises with sample routines as fellow. We hope you like our collection.

#10 Hanging Core Exercises – Redefining Strength

10 HANGING Core Exercises

Than focusing on abs, Cori Lefkowith decided to give an intense list of hanging “CORE” exercises with image guidelines on how to perform each exercise. We recommend you add atleast one of these core exercises to your routine. Not only will your spine thank you for this, but your overall strength on other exercises will see noticeable improvement.

# How not to swing on hanging ab exercises – AthleanX JEFF CAVALIERE

JEFF CAVALIERE is an interesting character. He has literally breached his way into the fitness industry by demonstrating the absolute optimal way to perform each exercise. This is a must watch for everybody to perfect your hanging ab exercises.

# The Best Abs Exercises On Pull-Up Bars Or Rings – CoachMagUK

This is one of those posts that literally motivates you to start hanging and crunching your abs right away! I found the knee raise twist and the garhammer raise to be very inspiring movements to work on this season.

# Hanging Ab Workout (4 MINUTES OF PAIN!) – AthleanX JEFF CAVALIERE

We just cannot get enough of this guy. Here’s a full-on 4 minute ab routine that you can follow along to keep screaming until the end of your workout.

# Shred your core only using a pull-up bar –

This is another old but popular post with a video on a combination of hanging ab workouts that are selectively simple to look at but tough to perform.

Let’s face it. A full on workout on the abs by hanging can be intense, and almost impossible to perform due to our limited forearm and grip strength.

This is exactly why the hanging ab straps were made. Your forearms should not define the strength of your abs. Let those babies pop.

If you intend to perform these exercises at home, we hope you have access to a pull up bar dip station. If you don’t we recommend at-least a doorway or wall mounted pull up bar – they cost less but they are worth for life!


Get those abs popping these summer with the best ab exercise series on the planet – the hanging ab exercises.

Focus on building your abs with hypertrophy / strength like you would work other parts of the body.

Follow up with 4 to 8 minutes of high intensity cardio to burn what’s left of your body fat to make your abs more clear!