Best Hanging Ab Straps – Top 2 Recommendations

It’s great that you understand importance of hanging ab straps for developing strong and appealing ab muscles. It is a very wise decision to go for the best of that lot since you are literally going to trust your life with the strength of said ab straps.

The Best Rated Hanging Ab Straps – 2 Choices

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#1 Choice
Perfect Fitness Ab Straps

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#Alternative Choice for Shorter Arms
DMoose Fitness Ab Straps

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#1 Choice – Perfect Fitness Hanging Ab Straps

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We are going to keep this short and simple as these straps don’t require much explanation.

What is Good About it?

It’s appropriately short to grab the bar while your arms rest on the straps. This gives you an an added advantage to avoid rocking or swinging while trying to control your leg / knee raises.

It does not complain with weakening noises while holding the tension for high rep ranges.

The stitch design is meant for human beings unlike the other ab straps we noticed online. Not all gym equipment have to look or feel rugged. It can be soft and comfortable to enjoy the workout – especially for those who bruise fast like us.

The material is sweat resistant. This has to be obvious otherwise this product would be a total failure.

Main Features of the Perfect Ab Straps

  • Supports up to 300lbs
  • Sweat resistant comfort fit straps with triple stitch construction
  • Attaches to most pull up bars
  • Downloadable online workout sheet


  • Uncomfortable for heavy or tall individuals

Update on Jan 15th 2018

#2 Choice – DMoose Fitness Ab Straps

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People who are heavy or tall may find it uncomfortable to use the recommended Perfect Fitness Ab Straps recommended above. Dmoose Fitness is also a wonderful hanging ab strap for respective individuals. The straps are long enough and padded well for comfortable use.

Main Features

  • Heavy-duty woven & rip-resistant nylon construction
  • Strong steel carabiners
  • 26.25″ strap length with 5mm thickness
  • Dual stitching to ensure safety
  • Thickly padded elbow sleeves
  • Compatible with standard pull up bars
  • Life Time Guarantee
  • Durable tear resistant coat finish
  • Non toxic, lead and PVC free
  • Odor resistant fabric
  •  Recommended for People with Shorter Arms or fairly tall in Height 


  • Height not adjustable. The only workaround is to wrap them around the bar as suggested by a customer at


– My Gym members love these straps and I love the splash of color and attitude. I had a 278 lb client on these so I know they are strong – Verified Customer Review at

– The sleeve is very comfortable and does not scratch the arm pit and they are thus far durable and lasting to hang from the pullup bar I use them for – Verified Customer Review at

– Works perfectly, and is much more comfortable than other similar products that I’ve used – Verified Customer Review at

– Really great and sturdy straps. I wish that they were adjustable. I had to wrap the strap around twice to shorten them which isn’t a problem – Verified Customer Review at

We’ve received many emails suggesting that the Perfect Ab Straps is not a friendly equipment for people who are short or ones with shorter arms.

If you fall into this category, the recommend alternative is the DMoose Fitness Ab Straps – Also available at

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations on the best hanging ab straps.

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